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Mysig Area

Mysig Area Le Calvie country house Camerino

The name we have given to our wellness area was chosen to express the Swedish concept of Mysa. Mysa is much more than just a word: it’s a way of life. It means nurturing a welcoming atmosphere, switching off your mobile phone, living in the present, walking in silence and listening to the sounds of nature.

The time has come to break free from the grid and just enjoy the moment. But how can you achieve this? Actually, it’s easy!

  • Pull on the bathrobe provided for you in your room and take a barefoot walk along the path to the Mysig Area.
    Of course you can wear slippers if you’d prefer, but if the weather permits, why deny yourself the pleasure of feeling the grass beneath your feet? It’s all part of the true meaning of Mysa!
  • Enter the sauna, sit down, and concentrate on your breathing. The recommended time to spend inside is between 8 and 15 minutes.
  • Hot, isn’t it? It’s high time to cool off. We recommend a cold, open-air shower or, if winter has worked its magic, why not plunge right into the snow? There’s nothing to be afraid of, even the President of Finland does it!
  • Looking for a way to get even more relaxed? Indulge in a soak in the warming waters of the hot tub for around 20 minutes, unwinding and admiring the view.
  • At the end of the session, you’ll find a kit in your room to hydrate your face and a pillow for your eyes, both carefully selected to ensure your experience is relaxing to the very end.

Did you enjoy your pampering procedure and how it made you feel?
#THATSMYSA – The perfect blend of Scandinavian wellness and the beauty of the Marche region.

Mysig Area Country House Le Calvie Camerino
MySig Area Country House Le Calvie Camerino
Mysig Area Country House Le Calvie Camerino

Your experience in our Mysig Area, including sauna and hot tub, takes 2 hours.
The package includes:

  • A bathrobe
  • Slippers
  • Towel and essential oils for the sauna
  • A relaxing eye pillow made from lavender and flax seeds
  • Herbal tea or flavoured water with a snack
  • A mini gift set

The service is tailored for 2 people or for a maximum of 4, and costs €45.00 per person. The Mysig Area is only accessible to customers who have booked the service at least 12h in advance.

It is also possible to organise personalised experiences and gift vouchers: don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information.

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